The airport of Mykonos, managed and operated by Fraport Greece, in 2021 will boast a series of significant upgrades including a refurbished terminal, a new arrivals area, more gates, two new VIP lounges and a new automated luggage handling system.

“We are unveiling – what I believe is – a bold statement of avant garde, a radical new approach to airport design which I believe is only possible on Mykonos,”

said Fraport Greece CEO Alexander Zinell while presenting the new architectural design of Mykonos Airport at an event held on the island on Monday.

An investment to reach 25 million euros when completed, the revamped airport is expected to fully operate in 2021 and meet the high demands of the “brand name” that Mykonos has developed into.

“We knew that Mykonos was not just a destination but a brand name,” Zinell said, underlining that Fraport’s plans for the airport’s revamp is very close to the “true spirit” of the popular Greek island.

Fraport Greece has already made a series of upgrades on an operational level at the airport, while construction works are currently in progress.

All airport areas will be completely remodeled and refurbished, including the existing sanitary facilities and new retail and F&B areas will be added. Plans also include the creation of two new VIP lounges and the redesigning of the entire curbside area. Meanwhile, the installation of a new automated luggage handling system is perhaps one of the most important changes the new airport will have. When the new luggage handling system is available, passengers will no longer have to check in and weigh their luggage in one area and then carry their luggage to the conveyor belt located in a different area, as they do today. Thanks to the planned new automated luggage handling system, passengers will weigh and give in their baggage in one go, during check in. With the completion of the expansion and remodeling works, undertaken by Intrakat, the total area of the airport terminal will increase to 13,350 sq.m. from 10.000 sq.m. that it is today. Moreover, Fraport Greece also revealed plans for a new fire station that will meet international standards and feature functional design.

Currently under construction, the new fire station will host new and updated equipment and also the firefighters that will be stationed at Mykonos’ airport. The new building will be ready in October 2019.

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